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Driving gloves have made quite a comeback in recent years, as their unique old-school charm has been revived with popular vintage trends. For many people, driving gloves still hold that nostalgic charm and are a must-have on a country pursuit in a classic car. Their prestigious design provides not only a fashion accessory but also a functional aspect to your drive.

To capture both fashion and functionality in your accessory collection, take a look at how to choose the ideal leather driving gloves to style with your capsule wardrobe.

Select the style

Driving gloves for both men and women come in a variety of designs to complement your personal tastes. Traditionally styled gloves encompass a popular design with cut-out back, knuckle holes and stud fastener. For a twist of vintage inspiration, gloves that have a patterned fabric back with leather palm pair beautifully with tailored suits and smart outerwear. For the ladies, coloured leather driving gloves complement both chic, casual wear and elegant tea dresses.

Choosing the perfect colour

Colour is an important factor for any accessory and choosing a shade that works perfectly with both your car interior and capsule wardrobe is ideal for creating a sleek and tailored look. Black and brown are classic colours that will never go out of fashion, plus you can opt for two-tone designs to bridge the gap between style and function. For both men and women, matching your leather gloves to other accessories such as handbags, travel holdalls and briefcases offers the ideal complement to your attire without overwhelming the whole look.  

Versatile style

Driving gloves are the ideal accessory for providing flexibility and grip while driving, but also pair up as a fashion accessory with ease. Most quality gloves are made with leather or suede and work well with blazers and classic overcoats.

Benefits of wearing driving gloves

You may think that driving gloves are purely designed to accompany sophisticated attire, but in fact, they offer a range of other benefits too, including:

  • Increased control – Leather driving gloves provide firm grip and control of the steering wheel while ensuring driver sensitivity to the wheel, which is beneficial for long drives.
  • Protects your hands – In cold conditions, leather gloves will keep your hands warm and comfortable, plus in warmer conditions driving gloves help to protect your hands from the heat of your steering wheel.
  • Protects your steering wheel – It’s often underestimated how much wear and tear your steering wheel can go through especially if you have leather or wood designs. Sweat and oils from your hands can break down the material, which can affect the appearance, and gloves act as a barrier to prevent this.
  • Reduces hand fatigue – Hands can get tired on long journey’s due to the vibrations in your steering wheel and wearing gloves can help to overcome this.


Driving gloves not only look stylish but have tons of benefits for both men and women drivers.Check out our range of gloves to complement your driving experience.