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Winter is well and truly here and ‘Where are my gloves?’ is likely something you’ve said or heard in the last few days. Making sure you keep your hands warm and dry this winter is a no brainer.

Choosing the right gloves is difficult

With over 30 brands and more than 3000 different sizes and colours to choose from, Apparelly has the largest range of gloves in the UK. Navigating our site based on activity and then filtering on colour and price is one of the easiest ways to get started.

Are warm gloves warm enough?

A question often asked is ‘which gloves are the warmest?’ Unfortunately this question does not have a simple answer. Every brand has different measures of warmth so it is very difficult to have a scale that works across them all. The expedition gloves we have are probably some of the warmest gloves but are not practical for the majority of situations. Where you are going and what you’ll be doing will be the guiding factors to determining how to choose the right level of warmth.

Do I choose Gloves, Mitts or Lobsters?

The decision about whether you buy gloves, mitts or the more recent lobster mitt or trigger mitt alternatives tends to come down to personal preference as opposed to suitability. There are a wide range to choose from so the focus should probably start with the price point or any specific features you are after.

What are the best value-for-money ski gloves?

Ski trips are probably booked and you’re in the middle of making sure you have all the bits you need. Choosing the right ski gloves is probably one of the more important choices when it comes to what you are going to wear.

Ski gloves can range from as little as £20 right up to £200. The materials and insulation used can be as basic as a softshell synthetic glove with polyester lining to handmade goat or buffalo leather gloves with Gore-Tex insulation.

Value for money like many things will be determined by the budget you are willing to spend and how long you want the gloves to last.  

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