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Gloves are a fantastic way to accessorise any outfit, and in many cases, they offer an element of practicality that wearers will attest to loving. Whether you are in the market for a gorgeous pair of leather gloves, or just want something in the way of a fashion glove to complement an outfit, how do you know what to choose and how to get the best fit?

Here are some great tips for buying the perfect gloves.

The Perfect Fit

Gloves should fit, well like a glove really! Trying to squeeze your hands into gloves that are too small is not ideal, and having gloves that swamp your hands will not give a look you are after. So how do you determine the correct size for you? When it comes to measuring gloves, you should always use your dominant hand as the size guide. This is the hand you write with, and you should use a tape measure around the base of your fingers. You want the whole circular measurement.

You will find that all glove makers offer different sizing specifications, some have options for terms like small, medium and large, others provide an inch measurement that corresponds to the tape measure. However, they tend to be quite universal, so you could use a size guide online to see what size you need if it is not clear from your measurement. If you cannot easily measure around your hand get someone to help you, as you want to be accurate and always go up to the nearest inch to get the best fit.

Style Your Outfit

The type of gloves you will purchase will depend on the outfit or occasion you are looking for. In the winter sheepskin gloves might be the perfect accessory whereas for a wedding you might be looking for dress gloves. Many of the gloves we choose will be designed for looks, and there are plenty of different fabric gloves on the market to match any outfit and any season. Lace gloves could offer the perfect accompaniment to a summer event such as a day at the races.

If you need to purchase gloves for a specific function, then you may need to get a style of glove designed for the purpose. Even in this situation, it is essential to choose a well-fitting glove, as for example on a construction site a glove that is too big could actually be dangerous as it may impede your grip. The last thing you want to do is drop something heavy and hurt yourself or a colleague by mistake.

Gloves are also vital for a number of sports, golf being a good example and again in order to feel the grip on the club correctly you want to make sure you have measured well, and the glove fits nicely.

To find your perfect fit,check out our gloves to choose the best style and size for your hands.