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Over the last few years, the vintage dress has gone through something of a revival and found new popularity. It Is easy to see why, as vintage fashion is a lovely, classic look that offers timeless elegance and style. One critical component of vintage outfits is the accessories that accompany them and gloves were very much part of the look so are also forming a vital part of the style comeback. Gorgeous leather gloves are the most common type of accessories and vintage women gloves are available either as originals or replicas.

Accessorising Your Outfit

It was very much the done thing for ladies to keep their hands covered in public. It didn’t really matter what you were doing or where you were going; there were gloves for every occasion. Some lovely literary tales tell such beautiful stories with so much detail that you learn how essential gloves were, as a sign of status and class. Little Women is one such novel and reference to the types of gloves worn by the female protagonists were frequent, describing in detail the style and material that the gloves were made for on every occasion. If you are looking to emulate this fantastic vintage style, then gloves are going to play a crucial part in your accessory list. From fashion gloves to women leather gloves, all have a purpose and place, so to pull off the perfect vintage look some research will be needed.

Styles of Gloves

If a lady were going out driving then of course driving gloves were needed, these leather gloves would have been styled to have an open back that closed across the hand with a press stud or popper as we now call them. Driving gloves were designed to ensure the hands never slipped on the wheel as women strove to prove their capability as drivers in a then male-dominated arena.

For an event such as a ball or evening meal, it would have been proper for the ladies to have dress gloves, and the men would have worn similar. Ladies dress gloves could be made in many different materials from satin to silk, and leather dress gloves would have been much softer and more delicate than the leather used in driving gloves for example.

There is no practicality involved in dress gloves; they were all about showing status, so the more luxurious, the better. Finally, for a really formal evening or perhaps a night at the opera, full-length gloves would have been considered appropriate so if you are dressing for a night out you may wish to replicate this look. Again depending on your dress and the colour you have chosen you may have selected long leather gloves, or perhaps something more elegant in silk. Full-length gloves would reach the elbow and be not really designed with practicality in mind, as women were still considered objects of beauty rather than having any requirement to do anything at these events.

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