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Summer is the ideal time to explore new trends and discover accessories that suit your individual style. Gloves may not ordinarily spring to mind as a summer accessory, but this versatile item can be worked into both lifestyle and sporting pursuits for a comfortable and sleek look. There is a vast selection of suitable gloves available to match both formal and informal attire for men and women. Whether you are looking for stylish leather gloves to complement an evening outfit or are seeking gloves that will accompany your holiday adventures, take a look at the top glove trends this summer for both lifestyle and leisurewear.

Leather driving gloves

The warmer months are the perfect time to hit the road and feel the wind in your hair in style. If you’re a car enthusiast and have a penchant for motoring classics, you’ll also want the best gloves to accompany your hobby. To match the prestige of your vehicle, driving gloves for both men and women are ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to your attire. To get the right gloves for hot weather, opting for styles that have ample ventilation with perforated holes on the fingers, knuckles and the back of the glove, allows for breathability in the design.

Gloves for summer adventures

Summer is the season for leisure activities, and if you’re looking for the perfect kit to complement your interests, there is a selection of protective gloves to suit a range of sporting pursuits. For hands-on sports such as water activities and cycling, gloves need to be protective and flexible for no distractions. Golf and horse riding are also popular pastimes during the summer months, so opting for suitable gloves to complement each hobby offers you protection, breathability, and style.

Summer colours

To complement the vibrancy and fun of the new season, gloves also come in a range of colours to pair with a variety of outfit choices. Popular examples in spring and summer see pink and red leather gloves add a burst of colour to a ladies accessory collection. For traditional shades and transitional gloves, opting for black, tan and brown is a great option.

Tech trends

Gloves that enable you to use your smartphone without removal are continuing to make waves this year. There is a selection in both men’s and women’s gloves that enable functionality on a range of screens from phones to tablets. Driving gloves with touchscreen capabilities are also particularly convenient for use on Sat Navs.

Transitional trends

Gloves are a staple fashion item throughout the year and looking ahead to the autumn months, this versatile accessory will take you through the transitional trend stage. Taking inspiration from the autumn/winter catwalks of Chanel, Alberta Ferretti, and Kenzo, gloves graced the hands of models in glamorous evening styles to showcase the elegance and adaptability of this must-have accessory.

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