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If you own a high-quality pair of leather gloves, you’ll want to ensure they look and feel their best at all times. As gloves get older and well-worn, they may need some extra attention to remove dirt or marks that are ingrained into the leather. Cleaning leather is quite simple, but it does take extra care so the process doesn’t affect their appearance.

Take a look at our guide to caring for your leather gloves

There may be occasions that you need to clean ground-in dirt from your gloves so making a soft soap solution will help to remove this.

  • Firstly dab a soft cloth into the solution (be careful not to saturate the gloves) and rub over the leather. Try not to rub too hard when cleaning otherwise you could fade the appearance of the leather.
  • Once you have completed the cleaning stage, wipe off excess moisture with a dry clean cloth.
  • Leave your gloves to dry naturally and keep them away from any unnatural heat sources such as heaters, radiators and hair dryers.
  • When your gloves are drying, place them on your hands and massage the leather to help get the flex back into the material. This will also help reshape them to your hand.
  • For tougher stains and marks, you can also use professional leather dry cleaners. But be sure to read the instructions before use, as these stronger products can cause damage to the leather if not applied correctly.

To help prolong the look and feel of your leather gloves, try to store them flat in a drawer or box, as this will help to keep their shape, plus protects them from dust and dirt.

What to do if your leather gloves get wet

It is common to think that when leather gets wet, you don’t need to do anything to preserve its quality other than wipe it off. However, if you’d like to keep your leather gloves looking their best, ensuring they don’t get soaked will help to retain this appearance. As gloves are designed to be worn outdoors, then there will be a good chance that you’ll need them in wet conditions, so taking these steps when they have been caught in the rain will help to retain their charm.

  • Wipe any surface water away and allow to dry naturally until the surface looks damp.
  • When damp, rub in leather conditioner and leave to soak in for a few hours or overnight.
  • If you’d like some extra protection, you can also apply water and stain repellent once the conditioner is soaked in.

This process helps to restore the natural oils in the leather that may be stripped out when your gloves get wet.

Leather gloves are a stylish addition to your accessories collection and caring for them helps to retain their unique appearance for years to come.