Wiley X

Wiley X - APX - Black

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The new Wiley X APX glove provides serious hand protection, thanks to features like the synthetic leather knuckle protectors and palms for maximum durability and excellent breathability.

The breathability of these advanced gloves is further enhanced by the use of moisture wicking, heavy-duty Lycra gussets. Combined with unique ventilated fingers for increased airflow, this design keeps hands from overheating, even when under fire.

  • Smart touch system on thumb and index finger
  • A synthetic leather knuckle protector and palm, for maximum durability and breathability
  • Reinforced high wear areas - thumb and palm
  • Moisture wicking heavy-duty lycra gusset for increased breathability
  • Ventilated fingers for increased airflow and breathability
  • Clip strap for easy storage and portability