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Similar to other amateur and professional sports, golf is a game that requires specialist equipment and clothing to boost your performance on the course. Having knowledge and an idea of your preferred budget helps to determine what type of equipment and accessories you need and will assist you in choosing high-quality items that support your game. Alongside picking items such as clubs, bag and clothing, selecting the perfect golf gloves is also an essential element in your golfing attire.

There are a few aspects to think about when buying new golf gloves, so check out some key things to consider when picking the perfect stylish and supportive golfing accessory.

Choosing the fabric

The material you choose is often down to personal preference, and there is a selection of synthetic and leather golf gloves for a variety of playing conditions. Leather gloves are often favoured as they are hardwearing and comfortable, but synthetic accessories also offer a range of benefits including good grip especially in wet weather conditions. Many golfers have both leather and synthetic gloves to hand, and investing in both styles enables you to switch easily for improved performance.

Getting the right fit

It’s no surprise that how your golf gloves fit affects your grip and potential playing ability. To get the perfect fit, your gloves must hug your hand tightly while not leaving too much material at the fingertips. If the glove is too big, you will notice excess material plus ruched fabric on the palm and back of your hand. The material should sit smoothly over the back of your hand, as this supports good grip and prevents distractions during play.

Measure your hand

Checking the size of golf gloves before buying is vital for getting the perfect fit for your hand. Measuring your hand and comparing this against the size guide for your chosen glove style will ensure you get the right gloves the first time.

Styles to suit your preferences

Buying golf gloves that meet your needs is paramount to feeling comfortable from tee off to the last hole. This accessory not only helps to improve your performance but it also provides a stylish addition to your golf attire. There is a selection of colours to choose from to match to your individual style, plus for a classic look, you’ll also find sleek leather gloves in traditional options.

Caring for golf gloves

To help keep your golf gloves looking good and performing well, caring for them during and after play is essential. There are few simple tips to ensure they stay clean and dry including:

  • Try to take gloves off after each round to help them dry out
  • Carry a few pairs of gloves to change them when needed
  • Allow them to dry out before storing
  • Store in a clean, zipped bag or pocket to reduce moisture or dirt affecting the material

If you have leather golf gloves, check out our guide onhow to care for leather gloves especially after rainy conditions.

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